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The Technical Higher Institute for Engineering and Petroleum (THIEP) is a unit of HAJR Technical Education and Training, an educational company specializing in technical training and education for the last two decades.


The institute is one of the pioneer institutes in the Kingdom offering technical and vocational programs namely

  • Surveying Technology,
  • Mechanical Inspection and Non Destructive Testing
  • Civil Technology, and
  • Oil and Gas Exploration.
  • Short courses in Civil Engineering, Mechanical and Electrical Inspections and Soft Skills.

THIEP is operating under the supervision of the Technical and Vocational Training Corporate (TVTC), a government organization aims at developing the national human resources through appropriate training in order to meet the needs of the local labor market and industries.

Hajr Training Institute

Hajr Training Institute

The Hajr Establishment for Trading and Computer Services was founded at Al-Ahsa in the year 1987 (AD) as one of the pioneer establishments in the field of computer services in the Eastern Region, particularly, and the Kingdom in general. It was initiated to mobilize Saudi youths on the culture and computer literacy and also, to contribute in developing computer application in different economic activities.


The Establishment has participated, through Hajr Institute and Hajr Center for Training, in developing the computer skills of thousands of Saudi youths for the past over twenty (20) years. This has contributed, tremendously, in the spread of computer application in almost all aspects of life and the economy.


The Institute offers technical and vocational programs in the fields of:

  • Computer science and information technology
  • Management and soft skills
  • Surveying
  • Civil engineering
  • Nondestructive testing (NDT)
  • Welding
  • Pipe fitting

Fatat Hajr

Fatat Hajr Institute

All preparations at this Institute commenced around the year 2000 (AD), while it was formally launched at the end of June, 2002 (AD). It is situated at an estimated 650 square meters. The Institute was expanded to cover about 1600 square meters by

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the year 2007(AD). This represents an addition of about 150% of the initial land space.

During the expansion processes, there were additional laboratories for computer and a mobile English language laboratory to facilitate rotations whenever such a need arises.

The programs offered are:

  • Diploma in Computer Science (two years)
  • Diploma in computer Application (one year)
  • Short courses in IT
  • Short courses in soft skills